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I saw ya at Common Ground in Lansing, MI. then again at Chill on The Hill in Sterling Heights, MI. When I heard you were back this way with Muse, I was bummed I didn't go.  The vibe you give at your concerts and in general are aamazing! I would give my last dime to see you guys again. Better than medicine for the soul. Thank you!


I am posting this here because I hope you guys get it.  I would like to wish you all the merriest and most blessed Christmas and the best New year you ever had. To you and yours all good fortune, health and happiness  Joan Vermaak  joanamina48@yahoo.ca

Sam and the band:  Your music is one of the best forms of meditation I could find and one  of the best places to listen to your music is on the lake shore when the clouds are black, the wind is blowing and the waves are punishing the shore and the music matches the weather in strength, audio and I can let everything go and concentrate on the beat and the words.  Thank you so very much.  Joan Vermaak