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As some of you may know, we have been actively trying to raise awareness about a man named Richard Glossip who is scheduled to be executed by the Oklahoma state government tomorrow.  We’ve had the honor of speaking with Richard on the phone multiple times over the last year and have become very involved with his case.  Governor Mary Fallin has refused to stay his execution and hear new evidence that could very well get him off death row.  Because Richard didn’t have the money to hire good lawyers, he ended up on death row.  This is someone whose record was so clean that he had never even had a speeding ticket.  There’s no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, and no motive linking Richard to the crime he's been convicted of.  Unless action is taken NOW, the state of Oklahoma could be executing and innocent man tomorrow.  Please, go to and sign the petition to stay his execution. -Sam, Noah, Casey, and Adam



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