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Hello everyone. As I write this on behalf of the whole band, I am equally ashamed and infuriated at the situation we find ourselves in. Tonight we are booked to play a festival in Biloxi, MS. Earlier today I was informed that a bill was recently passed that endangers the rights of all members of LGBT community here in Mississippi. Essentially, this bill makes discrimination a part of the law. It made me sick to read about all the ways this bill would affect gay, lesbian, and trans people here and it makes me sick that none of us had become aware of this travesty earlier. We will still play our show tonight, but we do so in solidarity with every member and supporter of the LGBT community in Mississippi who are currently fighting the good fight against this horrible act of injustice. Additionally, all the money we will be making from this show will be donated to a local LGBT civil rights group here in Mississippi (and we’ll let you guys know AS SOON as we decide which organization that will be). We DEMAND a repeal of this disgusting law. #stop1523 -Sam



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