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A year ago today, we released our debut album VHS. This album is our coming-of-age story— the story of a couple of kids who grew up together in a small town and the bond formed between them. Writing these songs was an extremely personal endeavor for us, we put everything we had into it. The songs were recorded all around the country, and all around the world. In the back of our van, in hotel rooms, bathrooms, airports, greenrooms, anywhere we could. Songs about heartbreak, tragedy, love, rejection, indecision, guilt, insecurity… all of the things that make us human, trying to figure out our place in the universe. All of it went into this album. This past year has been full of ups and downs, surprises and pitfalls, but we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done together. Thank you guys so so much for listening to our story, sharing it with your friends, and for making this the best year of our lives so far. -XA



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