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When we were kids growing up in Ithaca, it was always so exciting to hear when musicians we loved were coming to tour through our town. It always felt so special -- like they'd decided to come play just for us. But more often than not, the artists that we wanted to see wouldn't bother coming through Ithaca, and we would have to drive hours and hours out of the way to see any show. And I'd think to myself WHY NOT??? Ithaca is one of the most beautiful, vibrant, welcoming cities in the country. And we LOVE music. So as kids, we decided to put on our own shows and make our own noise which eventually led us to where we are now. Now, 11 years after we left town, we're bringing that noise back to where it all started. @cayugasound is the music festival we dreamed of as kids in Ithaca. Eclectic, cutting edge, and daring musicians from all over the world, all sharing the stage together. In our hometown. In our backyard. We are so incredibly excited to be curating this new festival and to be able to put a spotlight on our city.



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