Eiffel Tower



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Our family is traveling from ITHACA to see XA in Paris!  Our son plays drums and just started a band with his Boynton friends -  the first song they chose to learn together is Renegades.  Our daughter plays piano and electric guitar.  At the XA State Theater show, my son sat next to Todd Peterson, who also taught our kids at Belle Sherman!   Since daughter and hubby missed the show at the State Theater, we bought tix for concert in front of the Eiffel Tower to see our favorite band!!!  Is it possible to meet you all before the concert?  I  don't know how to do these sorts of things.  But if it were possible, it would be a memory of a lifetime.  If not, we will try to hold up an ITHACA sign :)   bmagre@gmail.com   607-351-1889